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  1. Light Hold

    curling, twisting, polished natural looks

    Apply SET foam to clean towel-dried hair. When completely moist with product, spin hair around finger or position natural curls and diffuse or air dry. Frizz-free, flake-free, fabulous.

    blow drying, flat ironing, straight sassy looks

    Apply SET foam to clean towel-dried hair and comb-thru. With blow dryer, hand dry or use round brush for full body, flat or vented brush for straight silky hair. For extra finish, follow-up with curling irons, hot rollers or flat iron. SET thermal protectant gives you all the options for bouncy, beautiful hair. Frizz-free, damage free, flowing free.

  2. Medium Hold

    dense, frizzy, curly hair

    Apply foam lotion to clean, towel-dried hair. When blow-drying & straightening use sparingly (1-3 pumps). On long, dense and curly hair apply foam and spritz with water to create more foam for more control.

    short hair

    Any texture, SET for control. On clean hair, use foam as a leave-in conditioner with hold. And just like that, you are out the door.

    beach hair

    Look natural without looking a mess. SET before and after the water for a frizz-free tanning experience. Keep our beaches beautiful!


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